Nirma Labs:For aspiring entrepreneurs

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Nirma Labs
Around two weeks ago ,I had written about Nirma Group’s efforts as a socially responsible company.
The fifth point in that post was about Nirma Labs. In my opinion, this was the best effort by Nirma, as this grooms potential entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs not just create wealth, they also create big organizations that create massive amounts of wealth and employ people.

Nirma Labs is for aspiring entrepreneurs who get an opportunity to: - develop ideas and plans, understand the importance of team spirit and get to know the market trends.
Potential entrepreneurs are transformed into global techno entrepreneurs with the help of the unique “groom-incubate-grow” concept:

1. Groom
This stage involves idea generation and market understanding. The candidates are told about the emerging businesses and high growth areas so that they can make the right kind of start.

2. Incubate
Here the idea incubation takes place and the candidates get to further develop this into a fundable venture.They also get to interact with important people such as Venture Capitalists.

This is the phase where the new project gets started with the help of venture funding and good amount of support from NirmaLabs.

Apart from all this NirmaLabs also supports those candidates or teams who have ready business ideas.They can get their business plan approved and pursue incubation and grooming at the same time.

NirmaLabs  also has a Intrapreneur Program which involves  company sponsored candidates.The corporate sector can gain a lot from this.This will give the employees an understanding of the market trends and give them knowledge on how to launch new projects.This will also help them retain their innovative and talented workforce

NirmaLabs is a great step by Nirma because it gives an opportunity to the potential entrepreneurs with the required skills and talent to pursue theirs dreams and fulfil their ambitions,with the help of:- the right kind of start,knowledge and training.There are so many qualified professionals with new ideas and who want to bring something into existence by setting up their own companies,NirmaLabs is the place for them.

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One Response to “Nirma Labs:For aspiring entrepreneurs”

  1. ArvindNo Gravatar Says:

    I am curious to know whatever happened to nirma labs. doesnt work. I would have thought such a unique venture would have at least a website to start with… I also dont see the labs mentioned in the nirma education and research site that is supposed to have funded it… i see Mr Patel’s picture nicely portrayed on the home page and every home page… :)

    cant help being a pessimist here. My worst fear is whether nirma lab had died the death of an institution that couldn’t rise above the stature of its founders. Perhaps something to learn from the Murthys of Infosys.