7 semantic search engines

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Semantic search is being called the next big and new thing in the field of online search.

Traditional search engines ( eg: Yahoo, Live etc) focus on keywords and use ranking algorithms to give results. Semantic search engines give importance to concepts like Natural Language Processing to present more accurate and relevant pages. The aim of Semantic Search Engines is to unlock or identify the actual meaning of the search query. For example when the user searches for something like “build strong abs”, the semantic search engine may generate results with “pilate” and “yoga” information, even though these pages may not have “build strong abs” keywords.

Here is list of some popular semantic search engines:

1. Hakia

General Purpose Semantic Search Engine Hakia concentrates more on quality than the popularity of the information sources. Hakia’s technology focuses on 3 things: a) relevant results b) latest information available and c) results form credible sources.


2. Powerset

Powerset searches Wikipedia articles and brings out results through natural language processing. Users can type in sentences, phrases or keywords. Powerset can also sometimes answer questions directly.

Here is a direct answer to the question: When was Mukesh Ambani born?



3. Cognition

Cognition’s Natural Language Processing Technology brings out meaning from words, phrases of sentences. The technology has been 24 years in the making. Cogniton’s technology can help its clients in: becoming more profitable, saving time and getting more accurate results.


4. Lexxe

Lexxe uses Advanced Natural Language Processing technology to deliver relevant web pages. Lexxe identifies the difference between a question and a keyword search before generating results. The Company is from Sydney, Australia.


5. Swoogle

Swoogle crawls the Web for Semantic Web documents written in RDF. Swoogle means “Semantic Web Ontology”. Swoogle is a research project by the ebiquity research group of the University of Maryland’s Computer Science and Elecrical Engineering Department.


6. Sensebot

When the user types in a query and hits search, Sensebot performs text mining so as to draw out “sense” from the web pages. After that it creates a summary of the webpages and presents it to the user.


7. Cluuz

Cluuz search engine presents the user with semantic cluster graphs, tag clouds and relevant images and terms. Cluuz has been set up by Sprylogics International Inc.


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9 Responses to “7 semantic search engines”

  1. ChrisNo Gravatar Says:

    Hey. Very cool article. Where does http://www.wolframalpha.com fit into all this semantic trend development.

  2. adminNo Gravatar Says:

    @Chris I feel Wolframalpha is a computational knowledge engine. The above mentioned services focus more on internet search for finding relevant pages.

  3. Liviu TaloiNo Gravatar Says:

    I like this one - http://www.swotti.com/

  4. Shyam KapurNo Gravatar Says:

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  6. cortneyNo Gravatar Says:

    I agree with Shyam and his predictions bout feeptiptop. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

  7. Filipe TeixeiraNo Gravatar Says:


    have you seen http://www.oobian.com, they are making semantic search and some nice presentation UIs. Check it out if you havent.

  8. GiftEveryoneNo Gravatar Says:

    I never heard about semantic search engines before, so thanks for this information

  9. Our Blog LogNo Gravatar Says:

    I think everybody should check out Wolfram Alpha Search , It is very unique.